Your cybersecurity experts do not have enough time for training.

We can change that !

Workflow-integrated skills development.

With increasing cybercrime, digital transformation and widespread teleworking, are you facing situations such as:

Too high a shortage of cyber security skills in cybersecurity?

A (too) high workload of your cybersecurity experts?

Jobs for cybersecurity
experts that remain
vacant for months?

Difficulties in exploiting
current cybersecurity

Has the deficit in cybersecurity training become a recurring shortcoming ?

Major Beneficiaries of our services:

Upskilling integrated into the workflow, a concrete solution for developing the capacity of cybersecurity experts.

Newly acquired cybersecurity
skills are applied immediately and 100%.

Collaborative learning accelerates the development of cybersecurity experts.

Learning is better when cybersecurity experts collaborate and help each other.

The cybersecurity team saves time and conducts its project  more efficiently.

The renewed attractiveness of the cybersecurity team facilitates new recruitment.

High Content: quality contents at an affordable price.

Offensive Security - Ethical Hacking

Forensics - Security management - Defensive security


Quick access to content helps your cybersecurity experts to improve their skills.


Quality content selected by us from the best cybersecurity publishers.


Your cybersecurity experts take the lead in their professional development.


Individual and collective
quantification of content usage by your cybersecurity

High Touch: human support that creates value.

Our facilitators guide your cybersecurity experts.

Commitment - Progress - Results

Peer-to-peer learning

Cybersecurity experts learn from each other. The progress of each individual benefits the whole team.

Learning team

Accountable to each other, cybersecurity experts are committed to a common project.

Operational performance

Cybersecurity team experts conduct their projects more efficiently.

Measurable impacts

Operational KPIs, relevant measures of the value created by collaborative learning.

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